The main objective of the group shall be to bring together the people living in and around Bedford (near to Milton Keynes) to practice / develop South Indian Tamil culture, tradition and language and pass them to next generation. To provide an opportunity for younger generation to learn and know their roots. Organise cultural events, art festivals, sports, get together and Tamil classes. Participate in charity work in and around Bedford. It is non-profit and non-religious organization Bedford Tamil Kalanchiyam (BTK) main intention is "Join hands, work together, and set an example to unite our community, make harmony, and of course, have lot of fun."

And also To unite the Tamils living in and around the Greater Bedford area, fostering their commitment to the promotion of Tamil Values, Art and Language. To provide a non-sectarian and non-profit cultural and social organization with the goal of bringing together all those residing in and around Bedford area who are interested in cultural and linguistic heritage of Tamil Nadu, India. To provide equal opportunities and a forum for the future generation Tamils to partici-pate, learn and grow in the rich heritage of the Tamil Language and Culture.

To integrate members of the other local communities in the various cultural activities by way of direct participation. We Provide service especially to the Tamil community of Bedford in a way to preserve and highlight the Tamil culture. We constantly strive to organize events that the entire community can participate in and have a good time. Though we are thousands of miles away from home, we try to take us back home through organizing cultural events, festivals much like back home.

Bedford Tamil Kalanchiyam (BTK) as always stays committed to the promotion of Tamil, Tamil culture and encouraging local talents and has always been an outlet to provide a stage for them to exhibit their creativity.

Adding a Outdoor event to the annual Picnic day with the goal of building team spirit within the community and having fun with children during their term holidays;

Young Adult/Youth Interaction meets to provide a platform for the younger generation to independently engage amongst themselves; Business Entrepreneurial/Leadership Forum to assist community with start-up guidance, funding opportunities and business leads, tips and tricks; Now Bedford Tamil Kalanchiyam (BTK) has grown into a strong position of leadership and remains as an organisation that represents the local Bedford area Tamil Community.